Baruch Emanuel Erdstein

Baruch Emanuel ErdsteinBaruch Emanuel Erdstein, a student of Lurianic Kabbalah, lives in the old city of Tzfat in the northern Galilee of Israel. From a young age Baruch has been playing music, recognizing its power to transform consciousness, both on an individual level as well as on a broader, more universal, scale. Originally from suburban Detroit, Baruch's interest in societal transformation at first led him to study Anthropology at the University of Michigan, where he graduated with honors, eventually taking his pursuit of truth on the road, traveling and working in diverse locations, such as rural Alaska, the Caribbean, and Europe. In 1992, he arrived in Israel, where he began to study Torah, emphasizing Jewish mysticism.
His exciting new music project, "iNGATHERING", combines cutting-edge funk, rock, reggae, ethnic and jazz with themes of Kabbalah and world redemption. With musical influences such as Gil Scott Heron, Stevie, Van Morrison, Toots Hibbert, and the Allmans, Baruch integrates a conscious inspiring message for people of all backgrounds with deep mystical interpretations from the Sages on ancient Hebrew text. Teaching and performing live in Israel, online, and on radio, Baruch envisions a concert tour abroad in the near future.
Today he lives with his family in an old stone home in the village of Tzfat, where he studies and performs, as well as providing intimate guided experiences through the Tzfat's Old City and the surrounding hills, emphasizing the history and world-view of authentic Jewish mysticism. Associate editor of Kabbalaonline.org, he has edited over 2,000 pieces on Kabbalah, as well as published dozens of translations and articles on topics in Jewish mysticism online (see links). On a more intimate level, he and his family provide Shabbat hospitality to travelers and spiritual seekers and value friendship and community-building as the most powerful means of inspiring personal growth.
For performances, lectures, walking tours and hikes, contact: baruch@ingatheringmusic.com

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For performances, lectures, walking tours and hikes, contact: baruch@ingatheringmusic.com